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Benchmark community college costs to support strategic and deliberate investments in your students' success.

Align your community college's costs with student success.

State funding for community colleges is stagnant or shrinking, and yet there's growing pressure for institutions like yours to increase student enrollment, improve student outcomes, and better serve students with diverse educational needs.

Developed with support from community colleges and funding from leading advocates in higher education, Maximizing Resources for Student Success helps community colleges create a framework to support deliberate investments inyour students' success.

Track the data that matters most to your students success.

How much do you spend on instruction, student services, and academic support?  How do your costs compare with other peer institutions?  Where do you overspend?  Where are you underfunded?

And the big question:  How do those investments affect student outcomes?  Or do they?

Maximizing Resources for Student Success answers those questions.  It uses activity-based costing to provide your community college with national cost benchmarks on instruction, student services, and academic support.

  • Capture the costs of your activities against key student outcomes.
  • Compare your costs, allocations, and outcomes with other peer institutions.
  • Allocate resources to activities with the highest beneficial impact on student outcomes.

Guide decision making, strategic planning, and process improvement.

Most phone book-sized college budgets are too complicated for decision-making and do not provide valid cost information. Activity-based costing offers a clear picture of all the elements that contribute to the cost of a specific activity.

Administrators can use the project’s highly detailed data to:

  • Allocate resources more effectively and efficiently.
  • Target specific initiatives.
  • Guide long-term strategic planning.
  • Educate policymakers on your mission and impact.


Read more about Maximizing Resources and how it expands transparency, delivers accurate benchmarks, and helps community colleges align their costs with their priorities.

Maximizing Resources for Student Success was developed by the National Higher Education Benchmarking Institute at Johnson County Community College in collaboration with the American Institutes of Research (AIR) and the National Center for Higher Education Management Systems (NCHEMS).